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Introduction is an online Casino owned and run by Direct N.V registered in Curacao and its subsidiary registered and licensed in Cyprus. JOO Casino is one of a kind platform, offering various Casino games from Slots, Jackpot, Card Games, to Live Casino to give its users the real thrill. Joo Casino is partnered with various popular Game Providers like Netent, Free Spins, Australia, Alle Casinos and many more to provide its online gamblers with one of the best online gambling experience. The site is available in a number of languages including English (England, Australia, New Zealand), German and Russian so it fits most of the online gamblers!

Responsible Gaming

Joo Casino’s team is well aware of the possible unfavourable consequences of regular gambling and therefore find it their responsibility to inform the users, the harms of gambling addiction, create awareness and help those in need. While most people gamble occasionally or for fun, a small number of players suffer with gambling addiction which can seriously harm their personal life and their financial positions. In order to solve this problem, Joo Casino has taken measures to help its players from letting Gambling become a problem:

  1. Deposit Limit , Loss Limit, Cooling-off Limit and Wager Limits. Limits are an incredibly effective method of controlling one’s gambling activities. Instead of solving the problem, they prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. Deposit Limit puts a stop on how much an amount a gambler can deposit to his online wallet, in a given period of time. Wagering Limit is similar in the sense that it stops how much a player can wager within a given time period. Loss limit controls how much losses one can take in a given period of time. Once the amount is exceeded, the account is frozen from further wagering activities. Cooling-off limit is a more serious measure in which one can take a break for 1 week, 1 month, 3 month or 6 months and during this time period players’ account is frozen and they do not receive any promotions.
  2. Self-Exclusion. Once a player decides that Gambling has become an addiction is slipping out of their hands, they can take the self-exclusion option. Just request the Support Team for Self-exclusion and they will block your account for 9 months or 1 year, not sending any promotions or letting you have any kind of activities on the site. Even after the period has expired, the account does not get activated automatically, instead players have to contact the Support Department to help them in the matter.
  3. Preventing Underaged Gambling: Complying with General Gambling Laws, Joo Casino does not allow people age of 18 players to participate and therefore utilize all methods, including identification to make sure no underaged player is allowed. However, since the Internet is widely accessible, they further create awareness among parents to take the right measures as well.

Online Casino works with a number of Game Developers like SoftSwiss, Amatic Industries, Zugi, BetSoft, Netent, endorphina, Free Spins among many others, to provide Online and Live Casino games from categories like Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Jackpot and more!


One of the most widely known Casino game categories is Slots! Pull the lever of luck, let the reels spin and wipe the floor with coins in one of your favourite Slot games ever. Among the variety of Slot games available at JooCasino are:

  1. Book of Dead
  2. West Town
  3. The Wildlife
  4. Bison Trial
  5. Will Falls

While the mainstream Slot games come in 3 reel, 5 or more play lines, at Joo Casino there is a variety, including 3-reel, 4-reel and 5-reel with Wilds and Scatter Features, chances to win free games, free spins, and major bonuses,

Book of Dead is one of the most popular Slot games available online featuring Scatters and Wilds. Wilds are symbols that replace all other symbols of the game, and hold one of the highest value. I this game, a golden Book symbol acts as Wild. Scatters offer you free spins and bonuses and are also represented by the same golden book symbols.

  • When you get Scatter symbols of 3 or more you get 10 free spins!
  • Scatter symbols also offer multiplied wins on the bet. 3 Scatter symbols offer 2x wins, 3 Scatter symbols offer 20x wins and 5 Scatter symbols offer 200x wins! With all these bonuses, you can win up to 250,000 coins!!
  • 3 or more scatters also lead to an expanding symbol. A special expanding symbol is randomly given and it rewards free games.
  • Besides horizontal lines in any of the 3 displayed play lines, V shaped, Rotated C shaped and several other combinations also offer wins!

Not feeling sure of symbols? Just hit the ‘playtable’ button displayed a window of basic rules, worth of each symbol, scatter and related wins, playline wins will be shown to help you understand better. Else, hit the ‘?’ or help button to trigger the complete rule book that explains the entire game in full details. The Help button is available for all games at JooCasino, which gives players plenty of explanation and guidance as to how the game works

MegaWays is a unique Slot game, with 6 reels and an extra shorter payline in the bottom.

  • Extra Reel: Extra Reel adds a symbol to the reel it is below for reels 2,3,4 and 5.
  • Reactions: Every Winning symbol is part of a reaction and is replaced by symbols coming from above on the reels and from the right in the extra reel.
  • Scatter: Scatter is represented by the main game symbol, and so three millionaire Scatters let you win 8 Free Spins and start the hot seat free spins gamble.
  • Wild: Wild symbols are represented by a spinning rainbow, a question mark with ‘wild’ written in bottom, and it substitutes for all other symbols except scatter.
  • Extra Scatters mve you up the hot seat Free spins Gamble prize ladder.
  • Free Spins Unlimited Win Multiplier start at one and increases after every reaction.
  • Free Spin Scatter appear on the shorter playline in the bottom and 3 Scatters give you 4 extra free spins while 4 scatters let you win 8 extra free spins.
  • Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble: In the hot seat you can win up to 50 free spins. Lifelines are also given at each gamble to increase your chances of winning.
  • Worried about odds? There are 117,649 Megaways to win!

Card Games

Like playing hands on cards? Play various Blackjack games, they are short and sweet!
Powered by Amanet, Blackjack 21 is a classic game

Blackjack is played with 6 standard 52-cards deck and the target is to reach 21 points. All cards, regardless of suit have a value. Cards from 2 to 9 are worth as much as their face value. Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth an equal 10 points each, and an Ace is worth either 1 or 11 points. The player is dealt 2 cards facing up, and the dealer takes for himself 2 cards, one facing down and other facing up. Player gets to go first, and he can either ‘Stand’ or ‘Hit’. With the 2 cards given, their points are added up. Since the target is to reach 21 points, player may need to open more cards to get closer for which they can just Hit. Once the player has opened enough cards to reach close to 21, they can stop by clicking ‘stand’. In which case the dealer gets to go and has to open cards exceed player’s points. If the dealer exceeds the player, reach 21 points or below then the Dealer wins. If dealer keeps opening and exceeds 21 then he goes ‘bust’. Which means he loses immediately.

In addition, there are also side bets. Many Blackjack games come with a variety of side bets, a chance to win extra under special cases. In this game, one side bet is a popular one, called Insurance. If the dealer’s first open card is an Ace, and there is a possibility that if he flips his second card open, he will hit a blackjack, meaning reaching perfect 21 points. In this scenario player can take insurance, and if their guess of sure loss is correct, they are paid 2 to 1.

Other games can have more side bets, like the total of first 3 open cards( 2 from player + 1 from dealer). When all 3 cards are 7 from the same suit, then the player gets paid massive!

Not feeling confident? Play the game in ‘play for fun’ mode or Demo mode to play free games without betting any real money. Demo mode is a great opportunity to play Casino games, when you want to get your hands on the game first, try playing it for real and then wager real money once you feel like a pro. In addition one could just play for fun on a relaxed Saturday morning, when they are not feeling like wagering any real money. It also fits those who are just addicted to their favourite game and can’t stop. So play for fun without money, afterall, the real purpose of Gambling is entertainment!

Another similar and popular Card game is Baccarat. There are several versions of Baccarat available at Joo Casino. In a Baccarat game, the user has to reach 9 points. 10, Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 0 points, while an Ace is worth 1 point. Initially the user is given two cards, and if their total exceeds 10 points, then the current standing points is total points minus 10. Baccarat is different from blackjack also because a player can bet on player, banker or on a tie between both instead of just defending themselves. A tie means that both player and banker will score equal, and pays highly.

Jackpot Games

Who doesn’t like to win huge? Play Jackpot Games for a chance to win a once in a lifetime reward that will shift away all odds.There are a variety of Jackpot Games at Casino Joo with rewards totalling up to €11,000,000 and increasing! The list of games include:

  1. Flaming Hot
  2. Virtual Roulette
  3. The Explorers
  4. Rich world
  5. Jackpot Poker

Who doesn’t like Poker? Poker is one of the most loved games in all of Casino games, played all around the world in different variations. However, conventional players like the Mainstream Poker game, the good old classic, just like it has always been.

In a Poker game, you are given 5 cards to flip open twice, and depending on what the cards show, there are different rewards.

Poker is only player with 1 deck, therefore chances are low, reward being high.

  • 2 Pair, 3 of a Kind, 4 of a Kind: A 2 pair stands for getting 2 pairs, one pair being 2 cards of the same value regardless of suit. 3 and 4 of a kind means getting 3 or 4 cards of the same value no matter the suit.
  • Jacks or Better: Jacks or Better is to get at least 3 cards which are worth Jack or higher
  • Straight: A straight is to get all 5 cards in a sequence regardless of color or suit
  • Flush: A flush is to get all 5 cards of the same suit, no matter their ranks or value
  • Full House: Full house is a combination of 3 of a kind and 2 pair, it works when you have 3 cards of the same rank and 2 card of another rank.
  • Straight Flush: Straight Flush is a combination of Straight and Flush, meaning all 5 cards of the same suit and in order.
  • Royal Flush: Royal Flush is the most supreme reward and can let you win the progressive jackpot if the bet is eligible. Royal Flush works when you have all Ace, Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10s of same suit!

Not feeling sure? Hit the floating ‘Live Chat’ button on the bottom right and talk to Joo Casino’s Support Team. Live Chat is a great option to get support fast and easy, with just a click of a button. Since it is provided by a Live chat Agent, you have the chance to ask as many questions as you like, whether it’s about a particular game, any issues with your account, about promos in general, not working bonus codes etc. Just talk to an available agent, and get you matters cleared out in minutes.


Virtual Roulette, roll the dice in the wheel of luck and bet on your favourite number!
Roulette is another category of Casino game played far and wide, with few variations in European Roulettes and American Roulettes.

In Roulette, the spinning wheel consists of 37 numbers, and players can bet on any of them. Where Roulette stands apart from other games is that there is a large variety to bet on. A player can bet on even vs odd, black versus red, 1-18 vs 19-36 with an almost 50% probability to win a small payoff of just 1 to 1. The Risk takers can bet on a single number with a massive payoff of 35 to 1!

You can also bet somewhere in the middle, like any 12 out of 37 numbers, with a payoff of 2 to 1. Betting on just 6 numbers pays 5 to 1, a four number corner pays 8 to 1 and a three numbers or street pays 11 to 1.

The choice of betting depends completely on gambler. Feels like it’s your lucky day? Go for a Straight up or Split(one number or 2 number bet) with very low chances and insane rewards!


Tournaments are fun! This is where you collect all your skills and experiences, put them at their best and use them against your best opponents from around the world.

A Joo Casino there are always a number of Tournaments going on in 2021 which are seasonal, one goes and a new one comes!


Like to have the red carpet rolled out for you as soon as you step on the site? Roger that!

As soon as you start wagering money at, you start getting comp points. As you wager more, your comp points continue to increase and you start climbing various VIP levels.

  • Level 1: 60 – 130 Comp points
  • Level 2: 130 – 210 Comp Points
  • Level 3: 210 – 300 Comp Points
  • Level 4: 300 – 400 Comp Points
  • Level 5: 400 – 550 Comp Points
  • Level 6 : 550 – 850 Comp Points
  • Level 7: 850 – 1350 Comp Points
  • Level 8: 1350 – 2200 Comp Points
  • Level 9: 2200 – 3500 Comp Points
  • Level 10: +3500 Comp Points !!

As you progress through different VIP levels, you rewards continue to increase and magnify.

  • At Level 1 you get 10 Free Spins in BGaming and 5 Euro Seasonal Award.
  • At Level 5 you get 50 Free Spins in Amatic and 25 Euro Seasonal Award.
  • At level 8 you get 80 Free Spins in Netent and 75 Euro Seasonal Award.
  • At Level 10 you get 100 Free Spins in Netent and 300 Euro Seasonal Award!

Promotions and Bonuses

Gambling is a matter of luck and you can have hard days sometimes when you keep losing beyond expected probabilities. No worries! Joo Casino has got your back. Joo Casino offers a bundle of promotions, bonuses and edges to stack against your odds!

  • Welcome Bonus: New in town? Don’t think you are already forgotten. Not even close!
  • First Deposit Bonus: 100% Bonus up to $100 extra to play with + 100 Free spins. Bonus Code / Promo Code in description,
  • Second Deposit Bonus: 50% Bonus up to $100 extra to play with.
  • Third Deposit Bonus: 75% Bonus up to $150 extra to play with.
  • Fourth Deposit Bonus: 100% Bonus up to $100 extra to play with + 50 Free Spins. Bonus Code / Promo Code in description.

So just log in, make your deposits and let the fun begin!

Reload Bonus: Regular players’ get their regular reward! 40% Reload bonus up to $100 extra to play with.

Wednesday Free Spins: Up to 50 Free Spins every Wednesday!

Final thoughts

In Conclusion, is a brilliant Online Casino platform. The list of games is vast, with a lot of fun for everyone. There are both traditional, old classical games for mainstream gamblers and new fresh in the market games who want something different for a change. Partnered with a number of Financial mediums, Joo Casino allows its players plenty of freedom in making deposits or withdrawals, with minimal withdrawal time.

In addition, The Live Casino is a great kick, For those who miss their on-land Casino can now have the same fun just in a matter of clics. Where Online Casinos compete the hardest is perhaps Bonuses and Joo Casino is not left behind in the field. With a number of Welcome bonuses as well as weekly bonuses, there is just so much for players to benefit from. Lastly, the most distinguishing area is the Jackpot. Joo Casino has a very large collection of Jackpot Games, some offering life changing wins, making it an all in one package for online gamblers.

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